Friday, December 2, 2011

Tom's 40th Birthday!

There was no big party with a hundred people Tom knows best.

There was no expensive trip or loads of gifts.

There was simply a quiet weekend spent with genuine friends and a small party with Tom's immediate family.

It was just what my husband wanted.

I caught some flack for the lack of fan-fare, but rather than spend my husband's money and my time on a big production he didn't want, I simply held my ground and said less is best.

He ended up having a wonderful birthday and was reminded of what true success is...people to love and people to love you back.

 Tom and his nephew, Joshua, and his favorite cake, Geman Chocolate made by his mom.  And please look at his new shirt because it just CRACKS ME UP!
 Sandy, Tom's momma
 Grandad Gary...his dad, who thinks they look more like brothers!
 His dad got him some suspenders to hold his pants up in his old age
 I told him to push his belly out!
 Oh my...boy cousins...they are somethin'  (and yes those are flip-flops with socks Alex is wearing!)

Adalee & Caleb...the "babies" of the family

 Judah learning a little TKD


 Alex and Josiah, born a month apart

 Hadassah and her lil sister
 Lydia & Joleen
  Hadassah & Alexander

Nanny & Nikki

 Nanny & Grandad
 Garrison & Julianna...also born a month apart
 Julianna & Hadassah
My goodness they are growing up!

 Garrison & Zeph
 Joe and Alex
 11 of the 18

 Dusty & Julie

 Jason & Erin
 Rob & Rebekah

 Tom & Mindy

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