Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas 2011

After Alex got home for the hospital, it seems like tired was our state of being for a good couple of weeks!  He was released on Thursday and Christmas Eve was Saturday.  I'm so thankful we had everything wrapped and ready!  However, every time I sat down, I just felt my eyes want to shut, so I didn't get very good photos. 

Christmas Eve

 Garrison & Andrew
 I couldn't get my momma in a good still shot because she was busy getting her own photos!
 My Daddy...doing what he does.  I despised his early morning video tapings and that always-in-my-face-bright light on his old-school camera, but now I am so thankful that he cared enough to capture all those moments for us!  And he still is!
 Poor puppy!  She didn't know what was going on!
 Trey, reading his card...just love his sweet face in this one.  And that is my Aunt Sue behind him, but every picture I tried to get of her, Trey is blocking her!  Sit still Trey!  Oh, if we had a buck for every time we said that!  shew!
 See?  Can't see her!  But you can catch a glimpse of my brother, Keith and his girlfriend, Vicky.
 My parents must like to watch Tom and me try to keep our sanity...buying the "twins" all this Nerf gear!!!  At least they are past that dreaded popper toy stage toddlers push around.  I HATE THAT THING!  It's so mesmerizing yet so loud and annoying!  C'mon, you have to know the one I mean!!!  (Sorry...a little traumatic flashback)
 Garrison with another football and Xbox Live points so he can play football online with one of his best buddies from when we were a military family.
 My other brother, Juston.  Mom and Dad got him a new camera and my dad has watched the video of him opening it and how excited he was at least five times already!  So cute!
 Andrew got Vicky this wall hanging, and I just laughed hysterically.  My brother didn't seem to catch on as to what was so funny about this!
 Trey and Alex waiting for their grand finale...
Oh joy for the rest of us!  GIANT Nerf guns!?!?  This must be so enjoyable for my lil ole parents!  If they ever have another kid again, I am so buying it loud, projectile weaponry!  hee hee
And here is our best present...our sweet boy...not looking his best, but well on the mend (and you know he tried to run around and shoot that new gun).

Christmas Morning

 My brother made each of my boys a treasure box and had everyone give them something special to put inside.  Very thoughtful!  I love gifts like that!
 Yikes!  That mo-hawk doesn't look so hot not fixed!  Well, let's face doesn't look so hot when it is fixed, but he sure liked it!  It's gone now by the way.
 They started throwing on new sport team clothing and hats as soon as they opened them!
 Alex gave this to his dad! HAAAAAA!
 A dance game and some Mega Block figures
 I've had that jersey put up for a year! If he had only known it was in my closet!

 Notice the Pooh Bear, Sesame Street, and Sponge Bob wrapping paper?  I didn't put names on any of their gifts.  They had to figure out who had which paper!  It drove them nuts not knowing for sure, but they actually had it nailed within literally three minutes of walking in and finding out I had wrapped their gifts like that!

Garrison had Pooh because after "ba-ba" and "ball," "Pooh" and "Tig" were his first words and favorite things!  Alex had Sesame Street because he went through an I heart Elmo stage. Trey had Sponge Bob because, even though they didn't watch it, he knew the song and was singing it well enough that we knew what it was BEFORE he would say momma!  (Yeah, I am still a little perturbed over that Trey!)

 Is that a happy reaction???  oi teens!

Christmas Day with Tom's family

Josiah and Judah
Lydia, Joleen, and Gracie
Hannah and Matthew
Julianna, Hadassah, Trey, and Hannah
Josiah and Caleb
Trey and his moose
Nikki and Rebekah
Nanny (Sandy) and Tom
Julie and Julianna

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