Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011

We always stay at our house to ring in the new year.  I suppose that may change as my children get older, but for now, I just like us all to start a new year together.  

We were still feeling tired so we weren't up for doing much anyway.  The boys had some cousins over.  Laura was in town.  Amanda and her brother, Travis joined us, and also my parents.  We just played some games and hung out.  It was nice and relaxing!  (Until the boys antics, but I didn't get photos of that, and I'm not gonna spill the details to save some people from embarrassment-mainly me!  All I will say is one incident involved duct tape; one involved wrestling and a bird; and another involved dancing.  Years from now when my boys read this "scrapbook," I'm sure those words will jog their memories of the actual happenings!)

I wouldn't even have pics if it weren't for Laura.  Yeah, I was THAT worn out!  I'm so glad she thought to take these.

 Travis and Amanda...can you see how he loves his big sister!
 Me...not really wanting my picture taken and my Amanda up? or gathering supplies???
 Trey...I'm not buying that sweet look!
 Alex and Laura
 Bubba (Josh) and Trey...why does he look so mean?
 Ethan and Bubba
 Alex picking on his little brother???
Garrison and Tom


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