Thursday, March 15, 2012

Out of the Dust, Hope Grows I am.  

I'm sorry.  

I know it bugs some people when blog posts are sporadic.

I've just been...well, numb I think.

If you don't know, part of the community I grew up in all my life was just hit by the horrible tornadoes.  Nine miles from where I live... 

Many friends have been affected...from minor damage to total destruction except for the clothes on their backs.

As I have mentioned, I tend to struggle through some sadness when I return from Nicaragua each year.  It's just hard to re-acclimate to life here in the U.S.  I was only back six days when the tornadoes hit.

Have you ever had so many thoughts swirling in your head that you don't know how to begin to share them?  

Have you ever felt choked on emotion?

I have wanted to post on here...especially more about the amazing children and experiences I had with them, but I feel like I have just been stunned.

When I am upset, I tend to work, and of course, much work has been needed around here since the twisters.  

It felt overwhelming at first.  I had no idea where to begin.  As phone calls began to come through, however, I just realized you have to jump in...somewhere...anywhere...because the need is so great.

You just have to decide to believe that every little bit helps.  You do what you can and together, with everyone else doing what they can, you see the mountain being chipped away.  You start to see that the road ahead is long, but one day, we will cross the finish line.

Out of the dust, hope grows.

I have focused my attention on a dear friend and her family...keeping them fed and working to make sure they have what they need.  Everything around them was destroyed.  It makes NO logical sense that their home is standing on its hill.  It was like the tornado took out the forest behind them up to their home, split apart, took out the sheds on each side and all the neighbors things all around, and then kept on going!  Their neighbors literally cannot find four barns and a tractor!  

But my friends are safe.  

Only God can explain why.  And He is providing for them like none of us could've imagined.  I actually asked them to keep a journal of the blessings because every single day, more love is heaped on them.  Crazy love.  Outrageous blessings from complete strangers.

Thank You God.

When I finally made it out to her home, we drove the rode back into Henryville (the town you have probably heard about on the news).  That drive made me ill...just absolutely ill.  It was worse than seeing the aftermath of the hurricane when we lived in Pensacola.

Maybe it was because these were buildings I had seen since I was a little girl.  Maybe it was because I cheered for games in that school gym.  Maybe it was because of all the people I know who live in that town.

I don't know, but my heart is so heavy for my neighbors.  So many lost everything within seconds.  An entire family of five...gone, while the neighbor who invited them into his home lives.  Pray for this gentleman please.  He's heartbroken.  He's guilt-ridden.

And of course, there are many wonderful stories of amazement as well, like the precious mom who laid on top of her babies to protect them as her house came down upon her in the basement.  Portions of both her legs are amputated now, but still she embodies this fierce passion and determination to conquer anything life throws at her!

No matter how many times you see things like this on T.V., nothing prepares you for the eye-witness experience...just like stepping onto foreign soil and taking in the difference of life.

I don't really know what to say right now.  I guess all I can say is I am busy doing what God expects me to do instead of writing about it.

So...until I can compose myself more, please pray.  Pray for those who are grieving...those who need help...and those of us trying to help.  Most all of us are new at this (thankfully) and we are just learning as we go.  Some days we feel like we made a difference and some days it feels like we haven' t made a dent.

This community needs your prayers and your encouragement.

I love you friends.  I'm thankful for you.

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