Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An Alex Funny You Won't Wanna Miss!

Sometimes I wish there were cameras around my house so I could go back and watch and write down all the hilarious moments of my day!

These boys God loaned me are definitely each their own person.  It is still so weird to me to sit back in moments and take in who they are becoming and what they look like.

How did their feet get so enormous?

Their little hand used to fit in mine and now my hand fits in theirs!

They carry things for me now, and they must sit down for me to trim their hair!

Who are these men-looking creatures cooking in my kitchen?

I feel like things are changing so quickly, and I just can't enjoy each day enough.

You can't help but wonder what all will change ya know?  What will they believe?  What will their priorities be?  How close will they be with one another...these ones who have been best friends their whole lives.  Will they want to come back home to visit us a lot?  Will they share their thoughts and feelings?

I crack up watching Alex and Trey fight over who gets to sleep with me when Dad is away or who gets to snuggle with me on the couch while I read school stuff.  They take up all the room now!  Today, Alex was literally laying on top of my back while I was reading and Trey had to pull the ottoman up next to the couch and curl his way in beside me...but heaven help us if one of them touches the other!  

It's hilarious to watch!

Garrison isn't much different.  He doesn't fight with them over me, but when they go out to play, here he comes to sit with me and literally says, "Hold me Momma!"  He says it jokingly, but he sure plops right down and doesn't move!  

I love it.  I love every minute I get to be with them...even when they are driving me crazy!!!  There is NOTHING I would rather be doing than spending these days of their life with them.

And wow...we make all kinds of discoveries.  Today it was the epiphany Trey had..."I think I just don't think most of the time!"  In my head..."UH YEP, GOT THAT RIGHT KIDDO!" as I think back to earlier in the day when he told two older boys at band class that he couldn't go into the other room with them because his mom thinks they are bad influences!  Great!  Thanks Trey!  (Yes, it DID get a mom a bit freaked out, and no, that is not what was said to Trey two weeks ago when they were throwing a ball in the church.  It was, "You better make sure you make good choices even with others are influencing you to do bad things.")

Then I thought about the THREE times I had to stop him from running in the parking lot and not watching for cars this morning!  Oi!  Yes, Trey is still in need of some more thinking!  

Or how about while we were at Wendy's having lunch with some friends.  I had let the boys get an ice cream already, but Alex came to ask if he could go buy one.  I said, "Did the lady not give you yours?"  "Oh she did, but I would like another one."  "Really?  Well, what do think God would want you to do to take care of your body?"  "I think He would say go ahead because if it kills you then you get to go to Heaven!  It's really a win-win situation!"  My sweet friend Annette tried not to laugh, but when he walked away I had to confess that this is exactly the kind of stuff my mom had to put up with!  Mercy sakes, the child acts just like me sometimes!  (Thank you for putting up with me Mom!!!)

And then there was Alex's BIG lesson, which is gonna crack you up so if you have, some umm bladder issues, you may wanna take care of that before you proceed!

Okay, so...Trey laid his head on my stomach while I was reading and sat up all of a sudden and said, "Uh...I think Mom is pregnant because I think I just heard a baby in there!"  (Have mercy!!!)  Alex responded, "Nope that can't be possible Trey because Dad had a busectomy and he doesn't have testicles anymore!"

Of course Garrison and I lost it!!!  For real...I couldn't control it.  I laughed til I cried!  Finally, I said, "Alex, that's not exactly how it works buddy."  His reply?  "Well that's what happens to dogs!"  

I did call Tom to let him thank me for setting Alex straight before he shared with anyone that his dad didn't have all his parts anymore!  HAAAAAAAAA!  (I'm laughing all over again!)

Oh so many moments like this in my day friends!  I have to be more faithful to write them down!  These are things they can read years from now and relish.

I so desperately want them to know what they were like and what their parents were like.  I never want them to question how much they were wanted or loved...and how blessed they were to have family life as they know it!

My heart is so full of thankfulness! 


Lawrita Bennett Sleepe said...

Oh my goodness...I can't stop laughing!! Love it. You do such a good job writing. Keep it up, friend!

Sherry said...

I was tearing up when you were talking about them cuddling with you. So, there is hope that my 7 year old cuddle bug will still want me in a few years. But then I'm laughing like crazy over the baby conversation and Dad's missing parts. A mom's life. No comedian could not write this stuff! Thanks for sharing Mindy!

Jill said...

I laughed out loud so hard Kevin made me read it to him. Thanks for sharing your family with us! Love it!

Mindy said...

@ Lawrita~Thanks girl! Just keepin' it real. I know you have many stories you could share just like this!!!

@Sherry~ahh yes, a momma's life! I just never gave mine an option on cuddling. I forced affection :) I tackle them frequently and hold them down and kiss their faces and then I tell them it will be like this the rest of my life! Alex tried to say he wasn't going to kiss me anymore and he found out quick that was not the case. hee hee

@Jill~you and Kevin will have so much fun once your boys know about all the "adult" stuff and you can talk about anything! Sooo funny! Miss you all