Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Special Little Place

As we move into mid-April, I find myself rejuvenated.  I am not problem free, yet I no longer feel the heaviness that February brought me.  Spring has sprung in my heart again, and I am reminded of new life!

We just celebrated the resurrection of our Lord.  A beautiful, crisp Easter morning led into a breezy afternoon as we left the quaint, red-brick building my parents still call their home church.  What a glorious service, rejoicing with the believers of that little country baptist church!

This church isn't the grandest you will ever see.  But, this is a special little place to me.

This is the church where I grew up...where generations of my family attended...the place I met Jesus...the family that baptized me at ten years old...the moments I first experienced touches of the Holy Spirit...the classrooms I first heard of the accounts of heroes of faith...the altar I repented at...the building I learned to worship in with other believers...the sanctuary I said my earthly goodbyes to my grandmothers and my handicapped uncle...the stage where cousins and friends were married...the aisle I watched my Daddy walk down and surrender his heart to the Lord.

This is the place where my sons still go to VBS every year...even though they are getting too old!  This is the body of believers who know my boys and care about them...who have sown the love of Jesus into their hearts, expecting nothing in return, but hoping it impacts for eternity!

This is the place a lump forms in my throat as I hear familiar hymns bursting forth the words of Holy Scripture...where people see me from across many pews and come to hug me and welcome me "home."

My life has taken many turns since the days of my youth, but always when I return, I am reminded of all the people God has put on my path and where I was first rooted in His grace.

God hasn't called me back there as an adult, but I like to believe that He put all the best things of those who sowed into my life and shot me out of that quiver like an arrow to impact other places and people for His glory.  (Thanks for teaching me that Pastor Gregg Jackson!)

It's beautiful and wonderful and amazing to be part of the Body of Christ in this day.  To see the Lord drawing us all together, weeding out the lies, and grooming us until He returns for His Bride without spot or wrinkle.

I see the tide changing in church after church I either visit or have associations.  I can't help but notice the changing of hearts in believers everywhere...a change of love and acceptance, of dying to what they "just knew" was correct, only to find out the traditions of man are vastly different from the heart of God!

Grateful for where I've come from...excited about what is ahead!

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