Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Is Here and I Feel Fine!

Well, I really didn't mean for it to be this long before I posted again!  I got into an organizing-the-house spree and then my dad decided to put up an above ground pool so I have been B-U-S-Y!  Last week, I actually had a cold trying to kick me down, but overcame that and feel GREAT!!!

It is so weird to not have pain in my abdomen!  I guess when endometriosis is growing inside your body it is slow enough that you know you are becoming uncomfortable, but you excuse many of the symptoms.  I just really did not realize how much it was messing with me.  I feel like a new woman.

I also have started taking a dietary supplement called ACE, which stands for Appetite Control and Energy.  I have been on it just over three weeks.  I tried it because a person I trust a lot was selling it and posting testimonies of people she knows in person.  People have had great success with everything from weight loss to arthritis and fibromyalgia relief!  I surely didn't have anything to lose except excess weight and the ingredients are all natural.

So my experience???  I am happy to say it is helping me beyond what I had even hoped!  Of course all you women wanna know did I lose weight right?  Well, I have only dropped one pound on the scale, but I have lost 2 inches around my waist.  My rings are turning around my fingers too so I can tell something is happening.  I had lost 12 pounds during my illness and surgery, and with how I have changed my eating habits over the last year, I can maintain a steady weight, I just really want to get more off until I reach my goal.

Even better to me than weight loss though, has been my energy level rising so high.  Before ACE, I always wanted a nap in the afternoon.  Now, I just go, go, go!  Yesterday, I went to the grocery, came home and cooked six meals for my family and another, cleaned for Bible study that was at my house last night, did schoolwork with my boys, and I was still going!!!  That was NOT me before.  I also notice that my body doesn't feel as "stiff." 

I use to crave different foods and now hardly ever do I want something specific.  I go to eat a meal and I KNOW when I am full!  I eat about half of what I was eating before.  I simply don't want it!  It is so strange to me...foreign!

Perhaps best of all, is that I noticed I hadn't had a migraine since starting ACE until the one day I didn't take it.  That day I started getting a headache, but even then, it wasn't bad.

So maybe I am onto something that can bring great change to life as I know it.  I will keep you posted!

As for my guys right now...well, Tom is working and traveling as usual, though he has been interviewing for some different positions and we are praying for open doors.

Garrison is continuing some schoolwork, as he learned a great deal about time-management (or lack of it) during the year.  I say better now than in college right?  (smile for experience being a great teacher)

Alex and Trey are working on some math, and I think we will be doing a unit study on the history of the Olympic games since they are coming up and we will be studying ancient Greece next year.

We are trying to catch up with friends we don't see much during the school year, and of course, we are doing lots of swimming.

Good times :)

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