Monday, August 13, 2012

9th Year

It is hard to believe, but we kicked off our 9th year of homeschooling today!  High school has "officially" begun for Garrison, and Alex and Trey entered middle school level I guess.  You know, we homeschoolers never know for sure what grades we are "in."  We learn all over the place, and we like it that way :)  It keeps students and teachers interested!

I thought I would take some pics of my "school room" while it was straightened up.  It is really just the place the supplies are stored because the boys almost always end up on a bed, couch, or floor no matter what cool space I set up for them.  I don't care!  Go wherever makes you able to think and makes you wanna learn boys...that's my motto!

So, I also have my scrapbook stuff in this room and it's the only girlie place I have in the house.  I try hard to keep everything else pretty neutral and male friendly (though I bet my males wouldn't agree).  Not gonna lie though...I LOVE THE COLORS IN THIS ROOM!!!

I am very excited about my new chair by the window!  We get such amazing lighting there, so it makes a perfect little reading spot.  Alex enjoyed it today with a snack.
Trey was on my bed...
He got a black eye playing around at church yesterday...turned around smack into the wall!
I don't remember this one ever having a shiner before. Who knows!  It's okay though.  He said it didn't hurt too bad since his headache yesterday!!!  (uh okay)  And, he is still way cute so no harm :)

Garrison was at the table having a smoothie.  He never stops eating so this is a good place for him to learn!
We had a super day!  We have switched things up in our approach this year.  I think it will bring a breath of fresh air...they will have room to explore what interests them more-what they find delight in.  We are leaving Egypt, no longer enslaved to the "state standards" or worksheets or boring textbooks!  We are gonna be about living books and interesting topics that have a lasting impact on our lives!
I strongly believe that all people are individuals, gifted to do different things.  It makes no sense to teach each person exactly the same things, the same way!  I am going to thoroughly enjoy watching for the signs of uniqueness in each of my sons and allowing them to explore their natural draws.  I know they have greatness inside of them to be cultivated.  
It was fabulous just to read and explore enjoy one another and talk about important life-changing things and even silly, crazy, whacky things that mean nothing much but bring laughs!
I was painfully aware of the absence of my Adalee today.  She has started preschool and is loving it!  I cleaned out her little bin and gave her all her books to take home.  I will miss her so much, but I know she will have a ball of fun with friends her age.  I still have the flowers up that she made me.
I enjoy little girls and their creativity in crafting!  Don't get much of that with boys!  I also have things from my nieces Joleen and Lydia that they made me...even Hannah Beth and Gracie when they lived with us!  My dear friend Amy's daughter, Lilly, made me a whole book of love that I keep on my desk!
And I can't forget Miss Tori Bell's drawing of me in a princess dress!  C'mon now...sweet!
Oh, I love my bulletin board of all things that remind me of people who have left an impression in my heart!
People who have passed on who I never want to forget...
Those who have shared some of my deepest heart hurts and my most joyful memories...
Some who are miles away, but who I think about daily...

I love the little things that remind me of God's creation and His love for me...

I'm so thankful for a good day...a day of feeling well and connecting hearts.  I sure hope we have lots more of these!  I hate when I deal with the dumb migraines or when anxiety rears its ugly head.  I want more peaceful days like today...when the surroundings are picked up and everybody is learn, to love, to live together.

I am making it my goal to let God lead us.  I can make my plans, but it is God who directs my steps.
I am learning more and more about how to just rest in Him and His great love and provision for me.  Time seems to be passing by so much faster as I get older.  I know in a blink, Garrison will be headed off to college.  I'm not ready for that!  But, until then, I am going to enjoy each day for what it is...not worrying over the future and not regretting the past.
I'm gonna enjoy these treasures the Lord has loaned to me.  We are gonna get through the blah days together as a team.  We are are gonna be busy with the things that really matter.  I know it won't all be perfect, but at least our relationships are real.  We yell sometimes.  We bicker a little.  We have grumpy days and days that bring tears of frustration.  But, we have a lot of good days...a lot!  And today, our first day of school for 2012-2013 was one of those :)

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ZimboUSA Girl said...

Hi Miss Mindy,
Well Living books are just the best. WE get lost in them every day. Grandpa's Box is our best so far this year.We have lots to go through though.
the Truth Seekers mystery =series is written by a friend's daughter. It is so much fun isn't it- we get to read the last 2 books this year.
Andy reading at 1st grade already. Love your choices.
love you all