Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shocked Delightfully

Here we are in week two of school and things are still good.  Yay team!  We are all enjoying the new approach to life and learning!  What a joy to see smiles beaming back at me when I look up from reading!

I will back up and say that Friday was trying for me however, as I had one son who just couldn't stop talking!  Despite my attempts at sweetness and patience, he continued to choose the path of not listening, so I turned him over to his ways and sent myself on a field trip to the store!

To my pure delight, all three boys continued to work while I was gone, but I think that one learned the value of zipping thou lip and tuning in to directions while mom is trying to give them and thou hast her present to help you! :)

I must say I am truly shocked (albeit in a wonderful way) to see how Alex and Trey jump into their assignments each day now!  What a nice change of pace for us.  Clearly they have both matured, but that is also testimony to the importance of how schoolwork is approached.  It's too bad learning can't be tailored to every child's natural bent in every learning environment everywhere.  I wonder what potential could be unlocked ya know?

My long-time goal has been to teach my guys how to be self-motivated, self-directed learners.  I know if I teach them that now, they can figure out anything they need to later, as well as be disciplined to meet their responsibilities as men.  It's great to be at the point of seeing fruit come from all the training because it sure hasn't been easy!

I also want to share a neat kiss from God we received!  Monday we went to the state fair and saw the Newsboys in concert.  At one point, the keyboard player took some time to speak about the wonders of creation and spoke of the make-up of DNA...of the ridiculous thought and chances that this could somehow have evolved from nothing.  It was just what the boys and I have been studying the past two weeks! 

We have been pouring through resources comparing the theory of evolution with the Biblical account of creation.  It has been incredible watching them weigh the evidence (or lack thereof in evolution's case).  I am so thankful for the opportunity to be with them as they discover why they believe what they say they believe.  They will be men who can stand in a crooked and perverse generation and give a reason for the hope that is within them!

I sure had no clue that in the middle of a concert, God would confirm once again to their hearts how what He says in Scripture is true, not because we believe it's true for us, but because it is THE TRUTH.

Enjoying these days of life.  Sure hope you are too!  

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ZimboUSA Girl said...

Glad the new method is going great for you. Our 1/2 pace school is going slowly - will speed up in September.
Our 5 yr old is lapping the learning up though. I need to blog soon.
Tks for the encouragement it will get better.