Thursday, November 1, 2012

Catching Up!

Almost two months since I posted on here?  That doesn't seem right!  How does time just fly like this?  And why does it seem to be going by faster as I get older!!!

Well, let's see...since Sept. 4, we have taken a vacation, visited with friends we miss and love dearly, including sweet Brandi...celebrated Trey's 10th birthday, dealt with stupid sickness, and learned A LOT in school.

I will upload pictures as soon as I can fit it in my dayDespite me not feeling well for about a month, we have had the best school year thus far.  We have done in-depth studies on true wisdom, creation verses the theory of evolution, worldviews, the beginning of nations and languages, ancient civilizations of the fertile crescent (Mesopotamia), including the Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians, and Persians.  We took a break in ancient history to study the United States Government and the election process.  We took the boys with us to vote early the other day so they could see what a ballot looks like, and then we came home and watched 2016 Obama's America.  That was interesting.

It has been a very neat experience to give God the reigns of our listen for His leading each day and read and study where He leads us.  I am so thankful that I don't live in a state where I have to submit detailed teaching plans and follow them.  I have the honor of sitting at the feet of Jesus and letting Him lead us each day.  He says go and we go.  He says do this and we do this.  It is so freeing for my heart and my children are growing passionate in learning.

Our elections unit study will end on Election Day, next Tuesday.  We will then take a look at ancient Egypt as well as review the Pilgrims and Native Americans and focus on thankfulness, giving, poverty, and mission and aide work.  This should launch us nicely into the weeks leading up to Christmas where we will look at ancient Israel and their promised Deliverer come to earth as an infant.

We have had the joy of learning depth instead of skimming the top.  We have spent an hour in a book of maps, looked at how the Bible is laid out and how to make sense of it.  We've gotten lost in intriguing stories of dragons-dinosaurs people lived alongside.  To see my sons' eyes light up and to see them in a clump on the couch reading together...well, to me, my heart screams, "THIS is what learning should be!"  

I'll be back soon with photos!