Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trey's 10th Birthday

I'm so thankful that my "busy" is good busy.  I'm glad I am enjoying these days of our lives :)  I find that most anything I need to do on the internet, I do quickly through my smart phone.  I rarely pull out my laptop anymore except for school purposes.  That has not been good for blogging!

I'm going to attempt to make a goal of posting one event and its pictures every day or two until I am caught back up since December is in full force!  This year just seems to have flown faster than any other I remember.  I know I keep saying this, but it still shocks me!  Does anyone else out here in blog world feel it?  Just curious.

On September 22, our Trey William turned 10.  My baby boy...a decade old.  

 I feel bad for Trey.  It seems like I am exhausted and not wanting to put much effort into a birthday bash when September hits.  I think it has to do with school starting up again...planning, arranging, organizing...  The last thing I wanna do is be invaded by a plethora of boys to undo what I have been trying to get done, ya know?

Enter amazing grandparents!  Yes, they always come through to make sure my guys are not left empty-handed, lacking love, or with gloomy dispositions!

This year they planned a treasure hunt for Trey.  They ran him to clue after clue and played a very funny joke on him.

I'm glad Trey has a healthy sense of humor and didn't mind the exercise!

Of course Garrison couldn't NOT help!

The running joke all summer was that my Dad spent so much money putting a pool up that it was every Christmas and birthday present for each person in the family.  He kept telling Trey that is all he was gettingThe clues led him to the backside of the pool, which ended with a note that stated the pool was his present.

But alas, then he was pointed to a bag that hung on the tree branch.  What was inside?

Can you say spoiled rotten?  100 one-dollar bills!  Didi and Poppa are pitiful.  As if the pool WASN'T more than enough? !!!

 You know what is cool though?  These boys have grandparents that are so invested in them for no other reason than they are "theirs."  I believe with all my heart that this unconditional and generous love has helped them receive the love of God through the gift of Jesus Christ.  What a physical picture they have been given!  And I am thankful that it has all made them want to be givers as well.

 And what could make Trey even more excited than cash? Sugar of course!  Didi made him a Funfetti cake and Laura brought him a new hoodie and candy.

 One happy 10 year old 

Trey William, we love you so much.  No amount of money...not the most extravagant or coolest gifts on the planet...not even the most eloquent words can convey how we care for you.

We thought sure you were a girl...Savannah Raelin, but God knew exactly what our family was supposed to be, even if we did not.

I wasn't sad at that ultrasound; I was shocked.  I really, really thought you were a girl! That night, as I sat praying about who you were and what your name should be, the One True God of the universe spoke clearly to me... "Trey...third child...third son...third-day baby."

My mind became flooded with all the events...the promises that were fulfilled on the third day in the Bible, and God whispered, "With the birth of this son will come the harvest of many prayers."

Something in our family and in our lives changed when you were born.  In case you ever, ever have even a smidgen of doubt about your importance or purpose, let me assure you, there is no room for doubt.  You were planned before the foundations of this earth were laid.  God had a very specific purpose for you.  You were not a mistake, not made by chance.  You were the fulfillment of promises...generations of promises.

You may never understand how just your presence makes me feel your smile warms my your wit brings me your gentleness catches me your faithfulness inspires your kindness touches so many.

In a world where you can be anything Trey...always be yourself.  You are just who we needed and you will be that for so many more.