Thursday, January 31, 2013

Checking In

Tomorrow is February already???  Sheeez...

We will be on a week break from school next week!  Waaahoooo!   I set up our school year to go four weeks on and one week off.  It really helps all of us not to burn out!  Right now we are scheduled for six weeks off in the summer, but we may pick up a couple of the off weeks to make summer break a little longer.  That is the joy of homeschooling...we can see how we are doing and what we need.

Our family tried a site called Easy Peasy-All in One Homeschool recently.  It was put together by a homeschooling momma of six children.  She and her family are missionaries overseas, and it was her desire to set up a free curriculum for others to use. It is quite impressive!  Obviously, this precious lady has poured much of herself out getting them together for her own children and others.

I had the boys try it for a bit because I like to be able to see how things work, get ideas, and know first-hand if I can recommend a resource.  I think if you need a free option, it is a blessing.

Alex and Trey are still doing a few things on there for right now, but there were a some things that just weren't the best fit for them.  That's okay because I am blessed to be available to them to do something else.  It was a nice help while my attention went to getting some things done for the mission team leaving for Nicaragua next week. The biggest "problem" with all the guys doing online assignments is that I lose access to my computer!  :)

There are some other happenings that I will hopefully get to post about soon. Just wanted to check in.  

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