Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Family ?

Today (well, it was the 7th when I started writing this post!) is a crazy special day because two very, very important people in my life were born on this day in history!

Sandy~my friend and confidant from Navy days in SC.  One of those people who know ALL your junk...yep, that's Sandy for me.
We met at a playgroup on base and quickly became friends who would pick one another up and be there for the other with no phone call needed.  We learned so much together, and it never fails, what God is dealing with one of us about, we can be sure He is speaking to the other!  The laughs, the tears, the embarrassment, the triumphs...the ultrasounds, the births, the long-distance talks, prayers, and stories.  The vacations, the memories, the burdens carried, and the victories celebrated.  

Family isn't just blood.

Andrea~my friend and confidant from Puerto Rico!  :)  My sweet, tender girl...directionally challenged to say the least, but a heart of pure gold.  Love unmeasurable.  Seeker of truth who thirsts for knowledge and wisdom.  Scared and brave.  A visionary who won't be limited for God is on her side.  A joy to my soul in every visit, phone call, text, and email.  Dedicated to true friendship and sister who cares about all the little things they do.  Dreamer. Inspires me to be everything God has called me to be.  An amazing ability to ask just the right question at the right time that will make me think for days.  A precious treasure waiting to be discovered...looked over by the blind.  A destiny which can't even be imagined...full of promise.  Will touch many.  Has deeply touched me.

Family isn't just blood. 

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