Monday, January 7, 2013

School is Back in Session!

Here we go again!  Today was our first day back to the daily grind of homeschooling, and wouldn't you know, silly me, scheduled three appointments this week!  What was I thinking?  Thankfully, my boys have come to a place where they work pretty well (most days) on their own...and on the run!

We are heading into ancient Egypt now.  Today we discussed how the Israelites fit into the timeline of Egypt, some of the Biblical stories that took place in Egypt, the plagues and passover in detail, and the geography of the area.

I am trying out a new, more regimented schedule for Alex and Trey to see if it will keep them on track and a little more productive.  One tends to speed through work and one piddles; they switch off days of course :)

Everyone seems excited to dig into pyramids and mummies so I am hoping to find some great videos and resources to make this super fun!  I'm thinking a library visit may be in store after an appointment this week.   

Let's see...any other news from La Casa de Reynolds???  Oh yes...karate starts at a new facility this week, with lots of fun equipment I hear!  I have started on a better eating plan and hope to exercise more. Tom is already off to another state.  Garrison is doing his best to hit school running with a lot of congestion from a cold weighing him down.  Trey can sort-of talk again after his cold.  Alex can't find his glasses or his winter coat.  The dog is getting old and doing weird stuff!  My basement is filling with mission donations and suitcases.  Andrea left to go back to her LAST semester of college after staying here and working on break.  

We are rolling along.  Hope your new year has started with a bang!  (a good one!!!)

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