Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Silver Ring Thing

I always find it interesting how we make our plans but God directs our steps.

We were invited by some friends to a youth event about purity.  It took a lot for us to drag our tired selves out on a very rainy Sunday evening.  I had no real clue what we were headed to or if it would be worth our time and effort.

I felt led to take our two oldest sons, and as they filed into the auditorium with all the other young people, we headed upstairs with the other adults.  A few video clips of the founder of The Silver Ring Thing were shown.  He is the father of three girls and wanted to help educate parents and teens about the dangers of premarital sex.

A young woman of 21 came forth to share her testimony of how she ended up coming to this program some years ago.  It was AMAZING to say the least, and clearly God used it to save and change her life.  She now tours with the program, helping as she is able.

There were more video clips of statistics and information; some I knew, some I did not.  They explained what the teens were being taught downstairs and gave the explanation of the rings.

I am absolutely not so nieve as to think a piece of jewlery will keep my sons pure until marriage, however, I do like the idea of a symbol that they CHOOSE to wear to remind themselves of what God has for them if they remain steadfast to do things His way.

I was surprised when the parents were told rings were available for them as well.  It is another effort to give a tangible symbol as a reminder to pray for your child about everything.  I wasn't so sure this would be beneficial to me, as I love to wear jewelry and thought I might not pay much attention to it being on my hand.

My husband thought it a very good idea for us to have rings also, so we bought them and some resources to go over as a family.  We went back downstairs and joined the room of teens.  I was very impressed with the videos, skits, and speakers.  I like the straight-forward, yet humorous way the information is given out to the students.  They weren't spoken "down" to and they didn't sugar coat the effects of bad decisions or broken hearts.

We had an interesting discussion on the way home, and I found myself feeling very peaceful that we can discuss things so openly as a family.  Our sons chose to get the rings. They have worn them everyday.  I know that this commitment they have made won't be an easy or popular one.  I know they will face temptation and they could fall.  I pray they know they are deeply loved whatever the outcome, but how I hope that they can remember this night, not with condemnation, but with inspiration.    

We chose to get the rings as well, and I was pleasantly surprised that every time I noticed it, I did pray for them.  I like that.  I need a reminder to lift them up and have their back.  Kids need that.  Kids need parents who care and who are proactive.  

I so hope my boys can make it to their wedding day and give that ring to their wife and say, "You were worth waiting for."  I don't want them to be responsible for fragmenting young women's hearts or causing them to stumble.  And I don't want them to go through that either. I don't want them to have to battle comparisons or images of previous anything!  I want them to be able to enjoy their union the way God meant for them to.

It was a great night with a great message.  I'm glad even when we didn't "feel" like it, we went with the urging that was upon us to get there and get what God had for us as a family.

Always, always, respond to the nudges of the Holy Spirit...He is LIFE!      

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Katie Ashcraft said...

that is....AWESOME! so awesome to see how God uses you 2 as parents to shape those young handsome boys into men- so cool to see...