Monday, February 11, 2013

Hangin' On

We had a nice week off school last week.  We did a few things school-related, like watching movies about ancient Egypt, but otherwise, we just reconnected with one another.

I love how God will lay an idea on our heart and we implement it, thinking, that's a pretty good idea.  Then, a time comes when it all clicks and we see what God really did for us!

I had that moment over our break last week.  Here I thought back in the summer while planning for the school year, that this "break" time was just about academics.  Nope.  God had plans and knew all along that it would be a time of keeping my heart knitted to my children's hearts.

As homeschoolers, it is so easy to fall into the rut of rush, rush, rush...get the assignments done and move on.  Even if we aren't rushing, we can become so habitual that little time is left for relationship and that is when character issues are usually addressed.

I love that my boys still enjoy just being with me and their dad.  I pray that doesn't change.  I don't expect it to; I won't expect that!  I know too many godly young people who enjoy their family.  I won't settle for accepting teenage rebellion or attitude.  I don't read that anywhere in the Word of God :)

So this week, we head to ancient China to explore daily life from that time period.  We will learn about Confusious, dynasties, papyrus and the Great Wall, as well as read a favorite superhero story from the culture!  

Alex and Trey started into Teaching Textbooks for math again now that we are back on track!  That's a relief!  They are reading a living book on various science topics, practicing Spanish, and reading through the Old Testament.  

Garrison is plugging away at Algebra 2, almost finished, and tackling all similar subjects as A & T, but on high school level.  He will be starting Chemistry soon.  Can't believe my lil boy is so grown up.

Trying to hang on to every precious moment!  So thankful to be home with my guys.

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