Monday, February 18, 2013

Plowing Forward

Another Monday.  Another fresh start it feels like.  I have been trying so hard to develop new lifestyle habits.  I have dealt with many varied health issues over the last couple of years, and I know, with God and wisdom, I can make it better from the inside out.  Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, I needed to make some changes and slowly I have done so. At times, I feel like I keep getting knocked back down every few steps.  Though quite discouraging some days, I have managed to pick myself up, dust off, and get going again.  Today was such a day.

This morning I began a new book called Integrative Wellness Rules: A Simple Guide to Healthy Living by Jim Nicolai and Andrew Weil.  Dr. Jim and his family, I happen to have the pleasure of knowing, as I was blessed to take care of his second born for a while.  When his daughter was born, my dear friend Laura took over.  So it is very exciting to see Jim be able to get his words published after much hard work.  I pray this blesses his family, himself, and all those who read it.  It certainly has already inspired me!

Jim wrote a section in his book about keeping journals of his life.  He has kept these records of events since his twenties, which I think is pretty great for his children and grandchildren!  (Of course I do...I blog right?) 

As I was reading though, I began to think about how the Bible instructs us to write the vision on the wall.  Always before, I thought of that passage as meaning to write down our goals or plan, and I do think it means that, but I had another thought today.  By keeping journals of our lives, we are also writing the it is unfolding and perhaps for a loved one's future.

Think of that for a moment.  What if some of the dreams God puts in my heart will be birthed through my children's and grandchildren's lives and not my own?  What if I am building for them as well?

Our church is called Legacy Life.  Our pastors have captured God's vision...fathers and mothers raising up sons and daughters to become fathers and mothers who produce fruitful sons and daughters...

This is God's way...His plan for mankind.  Be fruitful and multiply!  Subdue the earth and carry forth God's plan for generations.  Oh how far we have moved from that to chasing our own agendas.  But, a remnant exists who still seek to bring God's kingdom on earth! 

A legacy is being left by those who aren't concerned with storing up treasure on earth, but rather who seek to store up treasure in heaven where nothing can destroy!  What a twisted and perverted society we are living in, but God still says in this day, "Who will go for Me?  Whom shall I send?" 

The brave remnant says, "Send us Lord.  We will go!  We will build on Your firm foundation, and we will leave a legacy of inheritance for those who will keep plowing forward.  Place your dreams in our hearts and we shall prepare the way of the Lord to come!"

It isn't easy to keep pressing on is it?  Tired, broken, bruised, we want to lay down and give up some days.  But we press on for the prize and the joy of the Lord is our strength!

Be strong in the power of HIS might.  

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