Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Seeking and Finding

I just have to update again about how God is leading our home learning!  It is so exciting to watch His steps for us unfold!

We are still studying ancient China this week so we looked at the invention of paper.  At the same time, we moved on from ants in our science to trees so it worked out fabulous to study the two together! 

We have been through seasons this year when I have had a zillion and two things to get done (it felt like :) and the younger boys have had worksheets to get us through, but it is so much more enjoyable for all of us when we can dig into living books and watch videos that bring the concepts to life!

We watched a documentary last night on Netflix about fire ants.  Oh my, I felt like things were crawling all over me by the end of it, but it was incredible to see what these little creatures can do.  Trey said, "Can you believe people think this all happened by chance?"  The theory of evolution is so ridiculous to them now and that makes me so happy!  God reveals Himself to ALL who seek Him!  

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