Monday, March 4, 2013

An Inspiration to Me

I have been researching high school homeschool information.  Thought my head might explode yesterday after all the hours of reading!    

If I am understanding things correctly, Garrison (14, 9th grade), will meet and exceed all credits needed to graduate by the end of his 11th grade year. 

I had a little moment of tears when I saw it all written out on paper.  WE didn't plan it this way, but we did seek God each year and follow His plan for our son.

We started this journey of home learning as a family when Garrison was 6 years old, beginning first grade.  Well, at least that is what we used to think!

Actually we began at conception didn't we?  From the time he began to develop in my body, we have been learning together.  That has morphed so many times over in what it looks like.

I have heard people say that you cannot be your child's friend and parent.  I must now say I disagree.

One day the thought hit me that there is nothing about a friendship that I don't have already with my children. When I think about the characteristics one looks for in a friend, I can say wholeheartedly that I have all of that with my sons, as well as a position of respected authority in their lives.

The older my boys get, the closer we grow in this friendship, but I can tell you that I already value their opinion, appreciate their loyalty and honesty, share many happy memories, and trust them with my heart and possessions.

I have learned to treasure them as people, not look down on them as someone I "own" or dictate.  They have learned that I am for them...always...not against them, and they seek me for guidance and listen to wisdom.

I believe all the time we have spent together learning all kinds of things has knitted our hearts together.    

I am so very excited for Garrison to see all of his diligent hard work pay off in a reward he was seeking.  But, more than that, I am overjoyed by his character and integrity...that he is a man others can count on.

I have no idea where he is headed, but I rest in knowing that God's hand is evident on Garrison's life and heart.  Whatever lies ahead, I can say truly, "There is NO greater joy than to know that my children are walking in the truth!" 

Garrison didn't reach his academic achievements without counting the cost.  He hasn't become the honorable guy he is by sowing to his flesh.  He has wisely looked around and observed what happens when you choose to live God's principles and when you do not, and he is reaping reward of time and effort well spent.  He inspires me.

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