Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Slipping into the Future

It is March already!  Today, the sun is shining, the windows are open, and I can hear birds singing to one another.  

Tomorrow there is a chance for snow! You gotta love the Midwest!

We are trucking along with school, pushing through until we take spring break the same week as some cousins.  Alex, Trey and I just finished up a fascinating unit on the Maya people, complete with written and oral presentations, and the ancient Indus Valley civilization.  Next, we will all launch into studying about the life of Christ leading us to Resurrection Sunday, and then, Ancient Greece when we can read the works of Homer, look at architecture, traditions, art, language...ahhhh I love studying culture!  I love seeing HIStory unfold.

I was able to spend the entire afternoon with Garrison...reading, discussing, learning about him.  Now that Alex and Trey can do so much more on their own, I can have a little more time with G again. It is so hard to believe that in two years, he will be done with school and move on to college.  sigh  Bittersweet.  He needs me less and less.  This is what we have worked for, and now, I look back and think of the hard days I thought I would never make it through and miss them so!

It will be amazing to see how this journey all pans out in the end.  Three very unique human beings, entrusted to our care...it's still hard to understand how all this works.  I'm glad God doesn't show us the whole grand plan.  I think I would fret and fear worse than I already fight against in my mind!

To any of you who may read this and who are just beginning to teach your children...whether homeschool or parenthood...breathe, take time to enjoy the moments, give your worry over to God, seek to know each of them as individuals, and don't compare yourself or your children to others.  Life is too short.  Be the best you that you can be and help your kiddos be the best too!  It goes by so quickly.

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