Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Things Noticed

I am quite surprised at what I noticed last week during the standardized testing.

I am VERY glad I don't have to get these boys and myself out the door early everyday.

My children all take direction and process it differently...and they all seem to need to hear it a few times!

My oldest is determined and meticulous, more than I think I knew!

My middle is so me!  Bless him...and Lord help him :)

My youngest is still a space cadet to watch but somehow always gets the job done.

I hate trying to pack lunches.

I love that my boys can have fun with kids of all ages.

I don't know how moms work full time and take care of everything else.

We've got some work to do in study skills.

I still don't care more about academics verses character and beliefs.

I love being home with my kids and out of the daily rat race that is America.

Good friends are a blessing.

Michelle's apple butter is the bomb!

Success is not measured by multiple choice bubbles.  

Nothing is worth worrying over, but everything should be prayed about.

I love God, and I trust in Him.

This life is but a vapor.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Standardized Testing...Blah!

Today was our first day of the dreaded standardized testing.  I am VERY grateful to my friend Dustin who offered to administer these tests for us, but truly, I would rather be doing so many other things with our time!

Garrison has taken two of these tests before, but this is the first time for Alex and Trey.  Thankfully, this isn't required in our state.  I did this for two reasons: 1. I need scores for Garrison to enter him in a homeschool National Honor's Society and 2. I want all the boys to get familiar with this method of testing before mandatory college tests begin.

We are doing it...but I don't have to like it.  Smile.  Good practice I suppose, and hey, we get to see great friends through the process!

We'll see what results are yielded.  I just don't like a test that can't truly measure what my children DO know...only what parts of that test they do not know.  What's important to me for my childrens' lives is different from what test-makers view as important.

I always keep in mind that if anything worse than the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks happen and our country is hit hard, so much in our culture will change.  What will my sons need to know in those days?  What will be of importance outside of the "American" way?  I think of this nearly every single day because I so believe these are the times we are living in now.

Then yesterday, two bombs explode at the finish line of the famous Boston Marathon.  One more thing to convince me that yes, I am definitely on the right track, focusing on the correct things.  Academic knowledge is important, but it is most certainly NOT the end all, be all.

Above anything else, I want my sons focused on God and His plan for the world...on Jesus and what He did for all mankind...on others and how to help them know their value to God.  Knowledge can certainly help them, but more importantly, they need true wisdom, which begins with the fear of the Lord.  

No standardized test measures what I know, beyond doubt, is most important.  And so...if focusing on those vital things leaves them with "holes" in what "they" think my sons should know, well, I just can't really care.  I must equip them for the days they are living in and what will help them to stand if anything crazier happens...and my guess is that it will.

Resurrection Sunday 2013

We enjoyed a beautiful day celebrating our risen Lord and the victory we have in Him!

Another Try at Happy Birthday

I was having a little trouble before, writing a birthday blog post to Alex in light of what was transpiring in our extended family.  It is just heart-wrenching.  I can't imagine the pain of losing a child, and pray I will never know. 

I share this picture in celebration of children everywhere...for every birthday and every knew day we awake with the breath of life.  Here is our 12 year old with his requested ice-cream cake, courtesy of Poppa and Didi of course!

I just can't believe how fast he is growing!  I NEVER thought my chubby little baby boy, with the squishiest thighs ever, would be so tall and skinny.  His bones seem like they might pop out...and it isn't for his lack of eating!  

He is still such a cutie and maturing so quickly as  well.  He still makes us laugh, but it is fascinating to watch how he behaves now.  Sunday, at church, I had the honor of watching him speak about the disciples of Jesus during the youth service.  He shared about their lifestyles and how, despite the way the world saw many of them, the Savior of the world CHOSE them.  

I pray as Alexander becomes a man, that message will stay with him...that heart-check to not judge people based on the outside or what seems to be, but rather to see their potential in Jesus.

I pray that he will always love the Lord and be bold to speak up for Him.  

I pray that he will know who he is in Jesus and live to glorify Him and His name alone, never himself.

Alex-keep your eyes on eternity and not this fleeting world.  Always treat others as you want to be treated and God will take care of you.  I'm so thankful that you are understanding the things that truly matter in this life.  I treasure you son.