Monday, June 3, 2013

A Lil Update

Once again, here I am to say it has been too long since I last posted, but my excuse is "enjoying life!"  I guess when you are too busy to make time to write about it, but can honestly say you are enjoying it daily, that certainly is much blessing :)

Summer has begun!  Oh sure, maybe not by the calendar's mark, but I know it has because children are running around during the day and I have had the joy of lounging in the pool while my daddy grills. Ahhh, the smells of childhood summer for me.

We are still finishing up some official schoolwork, as we tried a different type of schedule this year, but we really never stop learning anyway.  I don't stop planning things because if I do, these guys of mine have too much free time on their hands and end up raising ruckus!  No thanks!  So we will be listening to the Jonathan Park Adventure Series and learning where every country in the world is through Visualize World Geography...and hey, we may as well lift each one up in prayer and take a look at their culture while we are at it. We will read, read, read because readers are my boys are so over that little saying!  Ha!

Garrison celebrated his 15th birthday in May and is now full-force into his driver's education course.  I don't even know how this is possible, but here we are, ready or not.  We had a small, but super-fun day with some good friends, watching the Derby, eating pie, and playing cards.

We received the standardized test results back and there were no unpleasant surprises.  Garrison tested past high school on everything, with a composite score of 95% ... not bad at all for having no test prep (I refuse to teach to a test; I will teach what God leads me to, thank you very much).  Alex and Trey blew away comprehension, vocabulary, and reading areas...were lower in science, which we expected since we have chosen to just have fun with that up until next year when we will lay a firm foundation for high school.  

Tom and I attended a homeschool conference in Nashville with dear friends.  Every year, this falls right around our anniversary and we get to grab a little couple time away.  We learned some good stuff, got energized to keep pressing on, and came back communicating some important things for the future of our family.  I wish all parents could attend one of these every year.  It is so much more than homeschool information!

Tom's grandmother and aunt just lost their home in the tornado that hit Moore, OK in May.  Both "just happened" to be out of town; grandma deciding at the last minute to go on a trip.  God's hand once again shown mighty to save.  Still, it is difficult to lose all your earthly possessions, especially given that most of the last material links to your deceased husbands are gone.  They are both strong and devoted women, though, and God will carry them through this as He has so many other things.

Tom's other grandmother, Ina, just celebrated her 81st birthday!  We are so thankful to still have these precious women with us.  Our children love their grandmas! 

Currently, Tom is off in Nebraska working, Alex is at camp, and I have six boys running around the house.  Love being close to family!

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