Saturday, July 6, 2013

Welcome July!

Well Happy Independence Day America...albeit a little late.  237 years I think it is!  Wow!  

We enjoyed a family 4th of July at Aunt Erin's house.  I just love seeing all the cousins running around together...or lounging and talking as tweens become teens.  (eeeek!)

I wish I had some great pics to share, but I wasn't feeling too hot.  I had a bacterial infection on my face last week.  One not very successful visit to the urgent care, one very nasty reaction to yet another medication, one somewhat painful visit to the ER that ended with my face being cut open...left me a bit worn out as you can imagine!

Finally, yesterday, I rested well and started feeling like myself again just in time for Erin, Rebekah, and their families to show up for an impromptu pizza night.  Giggles and garlic!  Oh, and cookies and nieces who clean the kitchen!  And Caleb and Adalee with drenched hair playing church!  Sweaty boys and messes galore.


Love family time :)

In other news...

I got a newer-to-me vehicle!  It's been a long time coming. We scored a fantastic deal and it can even accommodate 8 people...which as you can see from above, is often a need in our big ole family.  I am super thankful!

I also recently deleted my Facebook account.  What a breath of fresh air.  There are a lot of people I miss interacting with, but a lot of negative hatefulness and intrusion I sure do not!   Facebook is a convenient means of communication, but certainly has its downside.

Alex and Trey are working on some geography and math work, and Garrison is finishing up the written portion of drivers' ed this week!  We will fill out his school application and one for the National Honors Society while we try to enjoy the rest of summer before this break is gone too quickly. Before we know it, leaves will be changing colors and we will be sipping hot chocolate while cuddled under a blanket and lost in a good story!

Boys~You are getting so big now...all of you taller than me.  I think back over the last 16 summers of my life.  What joy you have brought me.  Yes, some frustration and exhaustion, some swollen ankles of pregnancy and many hours of car driving, but oh the joy that outweighs everything else! 

Marshmallows and fireflies...sprinklers and bicycles...trampolines and swimming pools...scrapes and ice packs...bubbles and balls...beaches and late night games...friends and smiles.  

I hope you look back on your childhood and know with certainty how deeply you were loved.  I hope you don't think of all the hours and days your dad spent away with disdain, but rest in knowing he walked through the doors God opened for him to provide for you.

I hope you come to remember with thankfulness the guidelines and rules we established for your protection because we treasure you above all else on earth.

I hope you grow to be men who understand the plights of others around the world and in your local community and that the life you have enjoyed doesn't serve to spoil you into hoarding blessing or attaining more for your selfish gain.  I pray it instead motivates you to be creative and help others experience the joy and rest you have had so greatly lavished on you.

I hope you know that there is no place I would rather be and nothing I would rather be doing than spending these days with you.  


ZimboUSA Girl said...

I miss seeing you there too. I need to keep my FB open to stay in touch with my family.
So good to catch up on your summer and the boys too. I will pray for you right now that the Lord continues to heal you.
Love always - Juls ;)
I was planning to visit this summer but Walt's treatment and diet does not permit me to do that at this time.

ZimboUSA Girl said...

Missing you - Garrison has to apply for school - why? Jsut wondering . Does he take some classes at the school?
HOpe you are ok. Hope to visit before the year is out!