Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Counting Blessings Tonight

I tried to go to sleep but awoke with a migraine starting.


After everything else? After three days of misery, now a migraine?!?!


Then my 15 year old comes in barely able to breathe and talk because he just coughed until he threw up in the living room!

Yes, I said 15 year old.

That's how awful this is!

He doesn't handle bodily fluids very well, much like his momma...let alone when we are both sick and gagging on our own phlegm.

Too much detail? Well too bad. That's REAL life people. All your kids sick and you are so sick you can't take care of them.

And the daddy is out of town.

And really, who the heck are you gonna call to come help?

Which friend or family member do you pick to walk into the Sick Zone?!!

You don't.

You buck up and keep moving.

This happened to me a couple times before back in our Navy days. Three little boys and one mom all sick with stomach junk.



Sooooo much puke and diarrhea!

What? Too gross to mention?

Nope. Not here. Not on this blog. I'm sure there is a sweeter, prim and proper blog you can find if you're offended. But tonight, this is a post for the mommas out there who think they can't go one more round in the pig slop!

This is for the mommas who feel all alone and at their end...perhaps miles away from anyone they can call.

Hang in there mommas!!!

My boys are older now and that helps so much. But, I am also more mature and quicker to find the good in the midst of the bad.

So because it's so easy to blog from my phone now, I thought I would just pick it up and focus my mind not on the sickness or frustration (or the vomit that I sincerely hope the 15 year old cleaned up well enough out of the carpet for now because I'm quite certain that if I try to go deal with that right now, I will sympathy puke and there is no way my head or back or chest will handle that well after all the coughing!!!), but focus on the good things.

I have:
A warm home
A comfortable bed
Huge growing boys who still want their mom to cuddle them and rub their back when they are sick
A momma that reassures me we will get the mess under control when everyone is well again... (And I know she means WE with all her heart, for she would do anything for me.
A husband who pushes through feeling bad himself to provide for us
A puppy who will just lay by her boys
Medicine to ease the pain
Running water
Fairly clean toilets that flush
Ice packs
People I could call if I was brave enough
A Savior who I know cares deeply for me
Sons who lay hands on me and one another and pray
God's Word
Electronic books and games
A friend who stayed as long as she could and took care of all she could while she was supposed to be visiting us from out of town and then had to leave with our germs...On her daddy's birthday!
Friends who are texting me right now and praying


Count your blessings name them one by one. Strengthen yourself in the Lord as David did.

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ZimboUSA Girl said...

I'm sorry you got so sick. Glad you got to see Laura again. I still miss talking to her so much, and glad you got some time together. Hope that as this 1st January looms you are feeling just a little better. Soups look great. Plain chicken broth with a little salt and pepper can also help the stomach bug or toast with nothing on it, or the famous apple sauce! I know you know all t his friend. I'm tired of washing blood stained pillowcases actually as it's so scarry!