Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lost Days

After such a fun day yesterday, I went to sleep with a migraine. I tossed and turned all night in pain and then had to take medicine to squelch the nausea.

I'm thankful for medication that can help, but I'm so sensitive to meds that I ended up sleeping on and off all day.

The headache has finally gone completely now at 11:45 at night! I hate losing entire days of life. It steals from my family and me.

I know things could be so much worse. I am currently awaiting test results to rule out a number of different things because I have had some crazy occurrences especially over the past two months. It could be anything from vitamin deficiencies to a brain tumor! That's a fun wait.

I have been jolting awake out of sleep with weird sensations and my limbs tingling or numb. It's all very unsettling and the lack of sleep has taken its toll.

As if the migraines and endometriosis haven't been awful enough, now this. Ugh... Life in the fallen world.

It sure has propelled me to pray for people more though. Chronic health issues that alter daily life are hard to endure. If you know someone going through anything like that, ask God how you can be a blessing.

My anxiety has been so high and I don't know if it started from a few things that hit during the fall and has caused all these symptoms or if the symptoms causing the lack of sleep have caused the anxiety!

The doctor thinks I have PTSD. Who knows at this point! Hopefully I will have answers soon.

Anyway, just keep your eyes and ears open to those in your circle who may be walking through difficult seasons like this. Life can get depressing quickly when one can't plan and get out because of illness.

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