Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Family Pictures! OH MY!

Tom's sister, Deena, wanted to get ALL the grandkids together while the great-grandbaby was in town and take pics.  Wow, is that a feat with 19 children!!!  But we did it and they turned out so good!  Enjoy a small selection.  There are too many to post!

 Deena, Tom, Julie, Rebekah, Erin, & Nikki
 Spouses: Mindy, Dusty, Rob, & Jason
 Deena's Family
Nate, his baby, Natalie, Natalie's Mom, Heather, 
Hannah, Matthew, & Grace
 Tom's Family
Mindy, Garrison, Alex, & Trey
 Julie's Family
Dusty, Julianna, Josiah, Joleen, & Joshua
 Rebekah's Family
Rob, Hadassah, Ethan, & Adalee
 Erin's Family
Jason, Lydia, Zephaniah, Judah, & Caleb
 Grandchildren plus Great-Grandchild
18 Grandchildren
 Birth Order!
Children are an heritage from the Lord!

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