Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Days 2013!


Seriously...love, love, LOVE it!  

I am not one of those people who longs to live in the south.  In fact, when we did live in the south, I tolerated the sticky, nasty, disgusting heat the best I could, but secretly (well, probably not so secretly if you had to be around me often), I detested it.  

I really think I could live in Minnesota very happily :)

Yippee for me, my boys all seem to enjoy snow about as much as I do.  We leave Dad indoors to fiddle with his electronics (bah-humbug!), and we hit the powder as soon as possible!  

We just got smacked with two rounds of great snow and ice, which has allotted us FIVE days of chilly happiness!!!  

[I will insert my twinge of "ahhh too bad" for the mail carriers and delivery people and all those who have to endure the not-fun side of snow, but it is what it is, and I think it a sad shame not to make the most of it if one can. Thank you to all who keep making the world go round while I play with my kiddos!!!]

Snow provides terrific learning opportunities and activities too!

observing creation on a nature walk

making art with a different medium

snowman sculpture by Trey, age 11

snow angel by Noah, age 7

snow painting by Hadassah, age 14 & Adalee, age 6

learning what to wear

 the cutest boots

 matching hat, gloves, and coat: check! 
Addi, age 6

 learning what gloves don't work the best: priceless

of course, PE!

snowboarding by Amanda, age 24
(this is MUCH better than her sledding that ended in a mud puddle)
(TOTALLY sorry I don't have pics of THAT!)

 snowboarding by Andrew, age 26

 street racing




developing social skills 
(because we homeschoolers are terribly unsocialized ya know :) 

problem solving

 if your sled doesn't work, just RUN to the finish line

Trey, age 11 

learning to persevere

Sean, age 10 

developing new strategies

Alex, age 12 

trying new things

 snow boogie-boarding???
Garrison, age 15



making time for the little things

 Ethan, age 12
not much cuter than a dog and her boy

 except maybe a dog and her Spider-Boy :)

remembering that friends are a gift from the Lord

and that having a warm home to always come back to 
should never be taken for granted

thanks God.  a lot.

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