Monday, December 30, 2013

That's Sick!

Oh. My. Word.

A vicious virus has hit my home!

Thursday, the day after Christmas, two of our sweet girls came into town. We had been excitedly awaiting Laura and Andrea's arrival, ready to have our "framily" (friends who are like family) celebration.

Amanda got here as well and we had a blast opening gifts and chatting. Thursday night, we grabbed Kim and went out for a girls' dinner. Friday, we hung out, my niece Julianna came over, we played Taboo and watched a movie.

And that's when the horrid symptoms reared their ugly head. Out of nowhere, my throat got really scratchy and my head started hurting. Through the night, I awoke shivering with a fever, and by Saturday morning, I was coughing my head off!

Today is Monday, and I still can't stand up for too long without getting dizzy from the pressure in my head. My torso is aching and a gland in my neck is tender! I'm really hoping this is all because I have coughed so hard and not because I have pneumonia!

The boys all got it as well. Alex is the only one close to normal again. He has been trying to help with the house. Garrison and Trey are still down on the couch. Trey has had 4 (or maybe 5 now) nosebleeds from sneezing!

Tom and Andrew both left to go back to work today, and I'm praying they have escaped it all! Precious Laura took such loving care of all of us and kept up with the house and medication times, etc and then had to drive back to her parent's house sick today. I feel terrible that our visit was wrecked! :-(

Super BIG thanks to whomever did whatever to carry my family through this while I was down. I wonder how long it will take to disinfect my house and wash all the laundry! Ugh!

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