Tuesday, December 31, 2013

You Know I'm Sick When...

... I eat soup.

I'm not a soup fan.

Not even a little bit. 

The ONLY time this girl wants soup is when I am very ill.

Today, I felt like my body was CRAVING veggies. So... I made 3 soups!

Vegetable beef, chicken noodle, & butternut squash 


They hit the spot. Yep. I ate all three. And pushed them on my family too :-) 

And true to her word, my Momma was here by 11 cleaning my house. She is still here doing laundry at 5pm.

It's a blessing to be loved so much. Truly. 

We are bummed that we will be ringing in 2014 feeling icky and in our jammies tonight (especially while a great party at our friends' house will be going on right behind us!), but oh well, at least we have each other! 

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