Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Not Yet I Guess

Wow! We are still dealing with sickness here. Garrison has yet to stop coughing! Tom came home with a stomach bug on Friday and last night Garrison was sick with that too. I'll be back to writing when I have time to catch my breath!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's Taboo!

Getting together just isn't getting together without some fun game time!  Aside from our somewhat mean games of Dutch Blitz, we also played Taboo.  I love these pictures!  So many expressions captured to remind us of many laughs!

Sister Christmas 2013

We have been blessed with so many sweet young adults who have either lived with us or hung around a lot.  Each year, those who can, come back, and we have "little brother/big sister" Christmas.  It's so much fun.  This year, Andrea, Laura, and Amanda were here. (And a couple of little munchkins too :)

 a little brown bag?!?! Bloomingdales!!!

 our little teacher!
 I hope that means she likes it

 a little kissey from the pup!  eeewww

 she got a blankie!
 Sesame Street paper! tee hee hee
we miss her