Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

Our tradition on Christmas Eve is to go to my parent's house and celebrate and exchange gifts with my brothers.

 Didi got all the grandsons boxers and T-shirts
 Uncle Juston got a new school bag with lots of school supplies to start back to college
 Andrew in his beautiful new blue sweater that matches his eyes from Amanda
 Trey stylin'
 Tom and his hat ???  I don't even know
 Garrison got lots of IU stuff
 Vicky and Keith
 Amazing photo collage of deer Juston made for Andrew

 Cousin Sarah and Aunt Sue came to join us

 Poppa accidentally opened Didi's pink scarf!

 My sweetie!!!
 Vicky modeling her new clothes
 Didi's upstairs tree

 Amanda was with us

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