Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Morning 2013

On Christmas morning, my parents came to see the boys open their presents from us.  It was especially nice this year as Andrew is living with us so all the grandsons were together in one place.  Tom's parents and grandmother also came over and we all shared a big breakfast.
 Everybody ready to dig in.  Alex is being not so patient and there is already a hole in that package!
 He just "knew" he had a Batman costume in there
 Garrison got lots of IU stuff
 EJ got a Weasel Ball
 She was VERY excited
 She wouldn't leave Tom alone to put the batteries in
 Oh, he got Colts stuff too
 Trey got an air soft gun holster (not a camo bra!)

 She really loved chasing this silly thing!

 We tried to give Alex a pet parakeet because he is totally freaked out about birds...all birds...seriously, since he was little bitty.
 Trey had a surprise out on the porch that had been stored at my parent's house

 His electronic drums he has wanted for quite a while (because I don't think I can handle regular drums!)
 Daddy got IU stuff too
 I opened a crock pot.
No crock pots for me.
No appliances.
Those are things for the ENTIRE household.
They aren't mommy presents in this house.
Thankfully, my husband knows this and put that little black box inside that big black crock pot!
It was a BEAUTIFUL mother's bracelet with all our birthstones.
 Poppa got caught not paying attention to gift opening because he was playing Candy Crush Saga on his tablet!

Trey also got this ridiculously big air soft gun.  Alex got an iPod and G got his phone and new laptop for school.  They were very blessed kids this Christmas.  Next year maybe I will get all of them an appliance since they think it's so funny!

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