Sunday, January 5, 2014

December 2013 Fun!

This December wasn't as full of energy around here as usual due to my health issues, but we still managed to work in family and friend time.

Our annual Cookie Day was a bit dampened by the MRI appointment I had that morning.  My Mom and Lori came to my house and worked on cutting out and baking cookies with the boys while Tom took me to the hospital.  Sadly, I didn't make it through the MRI and have to talk to the doctor about that, but when I got back, the cookies were ready to frost!  mmmmmm

 I tried a new recipe because it was labeled, "Best Christmas Cookie Recipe," on Pinterest.  UMMMMM, NO! It is definitely not the best.  My Mom's is the best, hands-down and that will not happen again! 
 Cheers to the best Didi ever!  I love that she loves to be with us!
Cole and Trey are such good buddies!
Next, we had my Mom's family Christmas at her brother Dwight's house.  It's always nice to see my cousins I hardly ever see.
 My sweet cousin Shaun, who is bigger than me now, my Unlce Morris and Aunt Barb, Mom's sister
 My Mom's three brothers, Alex, Dwight, and Morgan
 Of course, lots of food!
 Grant, my cousin Apryl's son and his friend
 My cousin Meghan and her hubby, Doug
 My cousin Blair and her precious daughter, Bristol Lynn
Bristol and Addison reading a book

For some reason, my photos didn't turn out well and there are so many more people I don't have shots of to share, but we all had a great time...especially watching all the tornado warnings in the area!  Afterwards, Tom and I stayed at a hotel for a night away.
On Christmas Eve Eve, my boys have a tradition of opening their presents from one another.  

 Alex is STILL a huge Batman fan so he got a Batman snuggie blanket 

 Garrison is our avid sports fan, so he got a book called 100 Things Hoosier Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die!
 Trey loves to dress up and look fly, so he got a bow tie and suspenders.
He looks pretty cute!
Brothers~Christmas 2013~Garrison 15, Alex 12, Trey 11

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