Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sickness OVER!

Finally, we seem to be over the viruses that assailed us!  We have been very busy with schoolwork and other projects.  We've had lots of time stuck in the house because of all the snow and ice, but with all three boys needing computers to do school, I haven't been able to blog.  I am now typing from my new computer my honey got me for Valentine's Day!  He had tried to get me one before, but it just wasn't working well and had to be returned.  Now I have this fancy thing I have to try to figure out!  hmmmmm

Tom was sent on a week-long trip to CA where he won engineer of the year for his region!  That was super exciting for him.  After years of hard work and having his dream of being an officer in the military crushed by a back injury, it was sweet to hear that he has been recognized for outstanding service.  He was also rewarded a trip to a very nice resort in Mexico for the two of us!!!

So, of course that means I am now in work-out mode getting ready for the beach.  EEK!  It should be a fabulous time.  We never really had a honeymoon.  We spent the four days after our wedding driving to Washington to Tom's new submarine.  This should be a lovely trip for us as we approach 18 years of marriage!

Garrison is currently in physical therapy three days per week for a neck injury he got a few years ago playing tackle football.  His neck has hurt ever since, but finally we have better answers and the therapy is helping.

Alex went for a check-up with the eye specialist.  Thankfully, the histoplasmosis scars have not gotten bigger like they had last time.  As long as they don't stretch and tear, he is good.  If they were to tear, this could cause bleeding in the eye.  If he has any changes in his vision, we have to look at the only questionable therapy known: injecting a colon cancer drug into his eye of all things.  No thank you.  Let's just be done with it all please!

I am happy to say that I have been seeing great improvements in my health.  I have been on doTerra's Lifelong Vitality Pack for almost a month and using their various essential oils daily for different issues.  I cannot rave enough about how they are helping me!  I have energy again.  I am sleeping again.  I have had no migraines!  On and on, success after success with these oils!  I'll have to do a specific post about that sometime soon.  

So not too much happening right now, other than our busy daily grind.  Oh wait!  I did just get to go on a retreat with my homeschool momma pals!  That was a blast!  I will write more about that over on Our Learning Pursuit if you want to connect to that through this blog. :)  

Happy trails everyone

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