Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adoption-Seed Planted

Garrison, our oldest son, was two years old.  I was standing in my bedroom holding him one morning when a little toddler girl from China caught my eye on the television.  The show was called Life Today, and they were doing a special on how many girls were orphaned in China because of the country's law that a family could only have one child.  Most families want males which fills the orphanages up with discarded baby girls.

My heart was gripped forever.

I think that was the first time I really paid any attention to what went on outside of my country.  Sad but true.  I was 22 years old.

I looked at my son in my arms, thought about how much I loved him and wanted him.  I thought about how special each and every child all over the world is to God...about how precious every single life is.

I knew that someday, someway, our family would be part of adoption.  It wasn't a wish, it was a confident knowing.

I am a researcher.  I study.  I plan.  But God said no; I was not to do that with this.  I was to wait and to trust.

So I tucked that dream away very close to my heart.  I don't even think I told my husband for quite some time.

That was thirteen years ago.

That dream has never died.  It has only grown stronger.

As I met families who have adopted, it grew.
As I watched more adoption stories on T.V., it grew.
As I traveled to foreign soil and held orphans in my arms, it grew.
As I raised my sons and saw what a loving family can do for a child, it grew.

This desire feels like something I must do...that I am supposed to do.

But...what about my husband?

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Joybeth said...

:)! I am LOVING reading your posts! Praying for you guys!