Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gal Pal Getaway!

I was in need of some serious reconnect time with two of my girls so while Tom took the guys and some friends to play paintball for Alex's 13th birthday, we got away!

We had tried to get together back in January to celebrate Andrea's birthday, but snowfall, etc... interfered.

This particular Friday was beautiful though, and we left as soon as Amanda got off work. We stopped on the way and grabbed some decorations and horns to blow. We filled a bag full of treats and we were set to celebrate Andrea. We were having her It's-Not-Your-Birthday-But-We-Love-You-Anyway party!

She almost cried. It was sweet. We had dinner, got caught up on each other's happenings, shopped, found some deals, endured a stinky elevator, and ate some more!

Great time. Great memories. Love my framily!

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