Thursday, June 26, 2014

Surgery Soon!

Too long since I updated here! I know this is one of the only ways many of you keep up with us now that we are off Facebook, so I am very sorry about that!  My life got thrown into kind-of a tailspin in April, and things have been buzzing ever since.

I have been dealing with chronic pain and illness for a while now.  I have two major issues: endometriosis and a vertebra that slips out of place in my neck.  That's the very short version of two complex issues that rear their ugly heads in unpredictable ways.  Could I have worse things?  Of course.  But are these things huge nuisances?  You better believe it! I have lost entire days of my life because of pain and I am so, so over it!

The fabulous news is that I was led to two new doctors who know what they are doing and understand these problems extensively.  It was confirmed that I will need a hysterectomy due to all the cysts and endometrial implants in my abdomen.  Summer is obviously the best time for this homeschooling momma to have a surgery, so as we have waited for initial tests and procedures required before the big surgery, I have been trying to quickly tackle all the summer projects I had planned.

The boys have been a huge help and very patient as we have made many changes to not only our home, but also their daily routines.  But, all is well and all is progressing forward.  It looks like surgery will take place July 15 or 16 at this point.  The doctor is just checking some final things and deciding which facility to use for the surgery.

I feel incredibly thankful that I found this specialty physician who knows exactly how to remove endometriosis.  Most people are unfamiliar with how this attacks your body and how debilitating it is. Most gynecologists don't even know much about it or how to help their patients.  Many are told that the pain is all in their head because endo can't be viewed by any screening outside the body.  I only know for sure that I have it because my GYN found it during another surgery in 2012.  I felt better after that, but then all the symptoms started to return.  My specialist is confident endometriosis has returned and that after removal of the uterus, his patients have a 95% rate of no further problems.

Feeling well is almost unfathomable to me at this point.  It's hard to imagine after years of chronic pelvic pain and migraines that I could be pain free, but that is the prayer I continue to pray.  I am believing that by fall, I will feel like a new woman!  And hopefully then we can move forward in our dream and call to adopt!