Thursday, September 18, 2014

Trying Not to do Too Much...Hmph!

I had the big post-surgery check-up yesterday!  It revealed things are still healing up, and I was firmly told that I am expecting too much of myself.


Okay doctor man.  Okay.

And okay husband and nurse friend and...

Well, maybe I'm a bit stubborn, but goodness me, it's hard to be the momma and not "do too much."  


So, I don't know how, but I'm gonna have to find more time to let my body rest.  Thankfully, I'm only talking about a little soreness and lack of energy.  Nothing major is going on, and I am gaining strength back.  I even walked twice this week outside.

Speaking of outside friends...the midwest is having some lovely days right now!!!  Fall is definitely upon us.  My porch is decorated.  There is a crisp breeze in the morning and evenings. Aaahhhhh!  Love this time of year. 

This weekend, I am hoping to get out with a friend and shoot some pics.  We just found out we have the same cameras and hope to help each other.  That should be fun!

My boys have a youth meeting and are staying with Aunt Erin Saturday so maybe I will even get a date night with honey.

Ohhhhh...and Trey turns 12 on Monday!!!

I'm not sure what we will do to celebrate.  I'm kind-of relieved that he doesn't really like big parties because I'm not quite up to planning that right now.  He enjoys just hanging with a friend and doing something fun so I won't have to do too much.

I have to get caught up on this year's birthday posts for Garrison and Alex too.  I have been so behind with not feeling well.

Okay tah-tah for now.  Have a super weekend everyone!!!

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